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MailingBoss Spam – How to Stop Emails Going To Spam

Mailingboss is a great email autoresponder.

But one of the biggest complaints I hear is about Mailingboss Spam.

An email autoresponder is a program to send email messages and respond according to your instructions. You can send simple regular emails to a list of email addresses. Usually called an email list or subscriber list. 

Or you can send a series of emails at scheduled times and reply or instruct other systems to take action based on the response of the person reading the email.

Mailingboss allows you to do all of the above and more.

It’s provided as a service within the Builderall Hosting and Marketing System. See my Builderall review.

Stop Your Emails Going To The Spam Folder

So the dreaded spam folder! Everyone hates spam.

But it’s so difficult for email spam filters to tell spam from genuine emails you asked to receive.

Nowadays email spam filters have become very sophisticated. Some use the power of AI  (Artificial intelligence) to assist in detecting spam and yet it’s still impossible to get it right 100% of the time.

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail Image

For the majority of email senders, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail tend to have the most “sensitive” spam filters.

Builderall Mailingboss Spam Folder.

If you’re a Builderall user, chances are you also use the Mailingboss autoresponder.

As a business owner, you’ve spent a lot of time building your email list. Now you want to send them an email and let them know about your latest product or offer.

The problem many Mailingboss users find is. They send the email but the recipient never sees it. The email goes straight to the spam folder.

This can be really frustrating at the least and costing you lost earnings!

So how do you stop your emails from Mailingboss ending up in the recipients spam folder?

The first thing is to make sure you have setup Mailingboss correctly. There are a few steps you have to go through before sending the email.

This includes:

  1. Setting up your sending domain
  2. Activate SSL
  3. Create a list.
  4. Configure your list.
  5. Create a campaign.
  6. Give Clear Instructions
  7. Other do’s and don’ts

Step 1. Setting Up Your  Mailingboss Sending Domain.

Mailingboss Menu

Start by logging into Mailingboss and go to the menu on the left hand side.

Then select Domains

Mailingboss Add Domain

Once you’ve selected domains you’ll be presented with the above options.

If you haven’t already added a sending domain, do that now by clicking “Create New”

Once you’ve added a domain to send your emails from you will have to verify it.

To verify the domain, click the domain you added and you will be presented with the instructions to add (see image below)

Mailingboss Verified Domains

How To Verify Your External Domain For Mailingboss

If your domain is already connected to Builderall and being used as a website on Builderall then you only need to check that the domain is verified. If it’s not,  contact Builderall support for help.

Watch this short video on how to verify your external domain for Mailingboss

Step 2. Activate SSL for Mailingboss

Once your domain is verified click to activate SSL on the domain if you haven’t already done so. It’s vital that you have SSL enabled on every domain you use either for websites or just for sending emails. This is important in stopping mailingboss spam.

Now that the domain is setup lets move on to configuring your subscriber or email list.

Step 3. Create An Email Subscriber List

Click Create new to start building a new subscriber list. This has to be done before you can start adding subscribers.

Create MailingBoss List

If you already have a list created select it as shown below.

Mailingboss Subscriber List

Once you’ve opened your list select make sure you have a List Name, a Display Name, and a Description.

This will help later on with organisation when you have more lists.

Step 4. Configure Your Mailingboss List

Next select Company Details

Mailingboss List details

It’s important to mention that you are representing a business! 

You must behave in a professional and business like manner. It’s this next stage where many people fail! 

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs operate from home. That’s great, there is nothing wrong with that. The problems arise when they are asked to enter their business address.

They are scared to place their home address on the internet. 

Let’s be real here. Are you a scammer, are you doing something illegal? 

You must add a business address to your public facing material. That includes your website and your emails. It’s a legal requirement, plus it shows transparency and trust. 

If you don’t want to use your home address then use a business address service. Search the internet to find one now if you don’t use an address.

Enter Your Complete Address Details In Mailingboss and Save

Add Company Address

Now select Advanced to configure the rest of your list.

There are 3 vital sections to complete in this next section. This is the absolute minimum your should set.

  1. Set the optin to “Double Opt-in” It’s vital that subscribers on your list have actually requested your information. AND they have confirmed that request.
  2. Enter the “from name” that your subscriber will expect to see.
    If they sign up on “Joes Blog” don’t send from a list called “make fast cash”
  3. The same applies to the from email. This is CRITICAL, the from email address MUST be from the verified domain your have connected to Mailingboss. 

Step 5. Now Create An Email Campaign

I highly recommend you set up a test list and campaign to start with. You can then test and tweak the campaign before reverting to your main subscriber list. Making sure you set up everything as above and as a result of your testing.

When testing your campaign make sure the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email works!  Also check that your business address details are present and correct.

If subscribers cannot unsubscribe, they will submit your email as spam.

Mailingboss unsubscribe

Make sure you optin to your own subscriber list.

Use a completely different email address to what you normally use. It’s a good idea to use one email address from each of the big email providers. Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo. Then send a campaign to each one. Noting the results.

You can also use an external Email testing service like the Newsletter Spam Tester

Simply visit the spam tester website and send an email from Mailingboss to the email address they give you. They will check the email when it’s delivered and provide you with a report and suggestions what to improve where needed.

Now everything is tested and working.  It’s also possible your emails will be going into the spam folder at this point.

Don’t worry there’s more we can do, simply follow on.

Step 6. Give Clear Instructions.

I mentioned earlier that you should use double optin signups.

This serves 2 purposes.

  1. You know the subscriber actually wants what you have offered at that very moment in time. Although they can change their minds very quickly, but for now they want it.
  2. When someone subscribes to your list, you’ll send them to a thank you page. On that thank you page you should provide CLEAR and CONCISE instructions on what you want them to do next.

    Which is … To check their emails and CONFIRM the subscription. 

Give clear instructions
But it doesn’t end there ...

When the subscriber opens the email and clicks the confirm button or link…

You should be sending them to a Welcome Page with MORE instructions!

You should tell them what to expect from your emails.

Tell them to look out for your subject matter or name in their inbox. Tell them to look in the spam folder, tell them to white list your email. Tell them to add you to their contact list. Tell them to mark your email NOT SPAM.

Got it 🙂 

Give Clear instructions on the welcome page

And the final clear instruction should be at the end of every email or in the signature of every email. 

Add a PS to your email like this…
“Please add me to your contact list and white-list my email address. This will ensure you don’t miss out on XYZ and keep my emails OUT of the SPAM bin. Thank you kindly.”

The instructions above will go a long, long way to keeping your emails out of the spam bin and help to build your domain reputation.

Mailingboss Email Don’ts

Here’s a list of things to consider when sending email campaigns.

    1. Subject Lines.
    1. Don’t use spammy subject lines. Certain words are spam triggers. 

Here is a list of the most common spam trigger words and phrases.

#1 $$$ 100%
Act now Action Additional income
Affordable All natural/new Amazed
Apply now Avoid Be amazed/your own boss
Beneficiary Billing Billion
Bonus Boss Buy
Call free/now Cancel Cash
Casino Certified Cheap
Click here Clearance Collect
Compare rates Congratulations Credit card/check/offers
Cures Deal Dear friend/somebody
Debt Discount Direct email
Don’t delete/hesitate Double your income/cash Earn
Extra Expire Fantastic
Free access/money/gift Freedom Friend
Get it now/started/paid Great Guarantee
Hello Income Increase sales/traffic
Instant Investment Junk
Limited Lose Lowest price
Luxury Make $/money Medicine
Money Name No credit check/experience
Now Obligation Offer
Only Open Order now
Please Presently Problem
Promise Purchase Quote
Rates Refinance Refund
Remove Request Risk-free
Sales Satisfaction Save
Score Serious Spam
Success Supplies Take action
Terms Traffic Trial
Unlimited Urgent Weight
While supplies last Win Winner


  1. Don’t Buy Email lists.
    Many of these lists have been scraped without permission. Plus they are being sold many time over so by the time you use the list they are already out of date. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your domain blacklisted. 
    You are better spending the money on advertising to build a real list of people who want to hear from you.

    You can check if your sending domain has been blacklisted here at MX Tools

  2. Avoid formatting in different colors and large fonts
  3. Always include a text version and not just html.
  4. Don’t include symbols in the subject line
  5. Avoid certain attachments like exe, .swf and .zip files
  6. Do not use shortened links like bitly links. Spammers always use these.

Be careful when crafting your subject lines.

In the image below you’ll see some examples of obvious spam subjects and trigger words.

Mailingboss Spam Subject Lines

You can test your subject lines with services like and Send Checkit 

As you can see, it’s not quite as simple as firing off an email. 

There is some preparation and thought needed before you start sending out your emails.

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2 thoughts on “MailingBoss Spam – How to Stop Emails Going To Spam”

  1. Great detailed info Dan, as a long time email marketer myself I would say the simplest way to stay out of the spam folder is to provide instructions to subscribers regarding how to create a NEVER send to spam filter. As soon as the receiver of your emails gives that instruction to their email client you really don’t need to do anything else.

    1. Hey Thanks Ellie,

      That’s great advice. I may have to create another article giving instructions for the leading email clients.



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