Builderall Review 2019

Builderall Review 2019 – Is It For Me?

Builderall Review 2019 What You Need To Know!

Updated April 4th 2020.

A lot has changed since this review was posted in August last year so I’m writing a new review for 2020. 

Builderall is taking the web hosting and online marketing world by storm. 

If you’ve heard about them and want to know more, then this is the place to be.

In this Builderall Review, I’m going to cover the most important parts of what you’ll need to know before you decide to join up.

What Is Builderall?

Put in the simplest terms so everyone can understand, it is a website hosting and building platform.

But that’s not all, with Builderall you also get access to a suite of apps to help you promote and extend your website functions.

The apps are designed to enhance your website visibility online and to add extra functionality to standard websites. So you can build, Membership sites, E-learning sites, E-commerce websites and so on.

The idea behind the platform is that nowadays you need more than just a website to be successful online. You’re going to need email marketing, social media marketing, email autoresponders, social proof, image editing tools, webinars, website apps, and the list goes on.

Builderall provides small business and online marketers all the tools mentioned and more within one single platform called Builderall. It’s a SAAS (Software as a service) platform, so there’s nothing to download and install. You simply register an account, log in and start using the software in the cloud (online) Back to top

So let’s dive in and get to the details;

Company Name: Builderall.
Owned By:  e-Business4us Inc. 
Business Address: 6220 S Orange Blossom Trl, St 505, Orlando – FL 32809, USA.
Created By: Erick Salgado, who is the current CEO.

How Much Is Builderall?

Builderall is now at version 3.0 of the platform and there are currently just 2 Builderall Plans plus the Affiliate Plan

The price ranges from $25.90 to $69.90.

Builderall Review - Creator & CEO Erick Salgado

Builderall Creator & CEO Erick Salgado

Erick is single-minded in his ambition to create a platform to give entrepreneurs, online marketers, and small business owners the world over, access to business high-quality business tools. Business tools that only deep pockets could buy just a few years ago. His original idea was to create a smart platform that would be offered at one low price and not be complicated to use, setup or code.

And the result is Builderall.

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Today Builderall has all the tools and support your business needs to grow and prosper. All the current tools are being continuously maintained and upgraded to provide even greater ease of use and features. This is in addition to new tools being added where needed.

Check out the numbers:

Builderall the Numbers
Builderall Review The Numbers as of 2018 – These numbers continue upwards at an impressive rate.

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Builderall – Website Hosting

At the core of Builderall is website hosting.  You can purchase a domain name and host it on the builderall platform. Your domain name can be purchased directly inside Builderall or from your own favorite domain registration company such as Namecheap. If you already own your own domain you can easily add it to the platform in a few easy steps. Full instructions are given inside the members area with video tutorials too.

The website hosting comes in two business plans, The Essential Plan and The Premium Plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Essential Plan

This Package is geared towards small businesses with everything you need to market your business online. 

It comes with the ability to connect up to 15 domains and unlimited sub-domains which is more than enough for any small business.

It also includes FREE SSL certificates for all your domains, email auto-responder for sending automated email messages and finally your very own shopping cart checkout and built in affiliate system.

Builderall Essential Plan
Builderall Essential Plan

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The Premium Plan

The premium plan is geared towards growing businesses, affiliates, marketing agencies and web designers.

This plan is Priced at $69.90 and includes all 29 apps in the Builderall arsenal together with all the features available in the Essential Plan

Builderall Premium Plan
Builderall Premium Plan

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Here are some of the features and tools in the Premium Plan

  • SMS & WhatsApp Messaging
  • Builderall Business community
  • Unlimited pages and subdomains
  • Connect up to 15 domains
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSL included
  • Premium local and CDN hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • DDOS Attack Prevention
  • Super Fast Page Loading System
  • Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Professional Email Marketing
  • Webinar and streaming platform
  • eCommerce Magento Installation
  • Professional Magazine Builder
  • IOS / Android App Builder
  • CRM
  • Professional Checkout Application
  • Your Own Affiliate System
  • Build Your Multi-tier Affiliate System
  • Video Tags Tool
  • Autotag Funnels
  • Site Bot Builder
  • eLearning Platform
  • Email Marketing Workflow
  • Evergreen Webinar With Ghost Audience
  • Canvas Funnel Builder – Builderall Exclusive!
  • Directory Builder
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Autopost manager tools
  • Browser Notifications
  • MockUp Studio
  • Photo Studio and 3D Photo Studio
  • Animated / VSL Video Builder
  • Floating Video Builder
  • Social Proof App
  • Video Wrapper
  • Transfer Websites and Funnels
  • VA Access

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The Builderall Tools Dashboard

The Builderall Tools Dashboard
The Builderall Tools Dashboard – Click for Larger Image

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Builderall – Apps & Platform Tools Available 

So what about all these tools I hear you saying.

There are so many features to Builderall that it wouldn’t be practical or useful to detail everything in one article. Therefore I’ll list them briefly here, then I’ll write a separate review for each individual tool offering more insights and details for each one. 

I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference as I’ll be updating it throughout 2019 and beyond.

Builderall Website Builders

  • Drag & Drop Pixel Perfect Site Builder
  • Drag & Drop Responsive Site Builder
  • Mobile First Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • Web App Creator -For Mobile Apps

Each website builder comes with a huge selection of pre-made templates, layouts and sales funnels to help you get started with your website design.

Builderall Review 2019
Click to View Full Sized Image – Builderall Sales Funnels

There are 21 categories and at least 15 templates in each giving you at least 315 funnels to get you started.

You can use these as inspiration for your own design or use them as is and connect your own email list for your own business offer.

Get Chatbots For $1

Builderall Review 2019 Continues Below.

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Mailingboss Email Platform – AutoResponder

Mailingboss Header

The builderall autoresponder is called Mailingboss. Mailingboss allows you to communicate with your online subscribers. You can set up email collection forms to add to your website and get visitors to signup to your email list.

Mailingboss also comes with a selection of email templates to make your emails look professional.

A great Mailingboss feature I love is the workflow.

Mailingboss Workflow
Mailingboss Workflow Example

The workflow is a drag and drop interface for building your email campaigns. 

Mailingboss can be purchased separately or used within a Builderall Package.

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Builderall Design Apps

  • The Design Studio – An image design tool for creating marketing mockups.
  • Presentation Builder – Build professional slideshow presentations with images and video.
  • Photo Studio – Edit photos with this simple but effective editor, add watermarks, create memes, overlays, text and more.













Builderall Design Studio
Builderall Design Studio – Click For Full Sized Image

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Builderall Video Suite

  • Animated Videos – Create animated videos – Includes animated objects and characters running, jumping, walking and more.
  • HTML Floating Videos – Create videos which will float on top of your existing website content – Great for tutorials. Use it to remove video backgrounds!


Builderall Floating Video App
Click For Full Sized Image – Builderall Floating Video App

Builderall Review 2019 Continues Below.

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Get Sitebots For $1

Apps & Tools

  • Browser Notifications – Send push notifications to visitors browsers.
  • On Page SEO – Get a detailed on page SEO report for any page you like.
  • Click Map – Also known as Heap Map, track visitors behavior on your site pages.
  • Site Reviews – Add site reviews with a reply feature, similar to a comments feature but for logged in users.
  • Social Autopost – Schedule and send posts to your social media accounts. Create 30 schedules and more.
  • Facebook Chatbot – Chatbots are hot and you have full access to the Builderall Chatbot feature.
  • Share Locker – Secure content on your page and reveal access only when someone shares your content.
  • E-Learning – Create your own online courses just like Udemy.
  • Script Generator – Copy writing script generator. Create customer avatars and build sales copy tailored to them.
  • Social Proof – Social proof pop up notifications – Like M. Smith from Wales purchased xyz product.
  • Roulette –  Spin the wheel script – Make discounts and offers fun with the roulette wheel feature.
  • BuilderallZap – Send Whatsapp messages directly to your customers – Great for delivery or appointment reminders.
  • Video Wrapper – Add a wrap around any video with text and colors to make your social video posts get noticed.
  • SMS – Send SMS messages directly to your customers.

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Stream live or recorded webinars with this amazing tool. Include chat features with the saved transcript. Integrated with Mailingboss, collects statistics.

Builderall Webinars
Create Your Own Webinars With Builderall.

You can record the video your screen or both together. You can also translate the webinar interface if you use a different language. 

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The builderall marketplace allows you to sell your own products through an army of affiliates. It allows you to set your own affiliate fees, generate referral links and track sales. You can also create joint ventures with joint venture agreements to protect both parties. You can choose to be just an affiliate for any product you find in the marketplace.

Training and Tutorials

Builderall has one of the largest sets of video tutorials and training I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing short of incredible. They are head and shoulders ahead of anyone else with the amount of support and training offered. They truly want you to succeed and have made huge efforts here to make that happen. 

If you are worried that Builderall would be too technical then fear not. Every tool and every process is documented and videoed.

You can get access to hundreds of video tutorials inside of Builderall. In addition, they have weekly webinars, a Youtube channel, 4 Different Facebook support groups, and Builderall Ambassadors who help and encourage everyone who joins.

Builderall Review 2019 Continues Below.

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Get Email Autoresponders For $1

Builderall Business – Affiliate Module

Builderall Business is the leveraged affiliate program for those wanting to promote the Builderall in return for a commission amount.

No matter the niche, every business, entrepreneur, service provider, and merchant is a potential customer of Builderall. There is a huge demand everywhere, and the Builderall goal is to reach 1 million users.
Builderall’s Leveraged Affiliate Program combines the most solid and profitable niches, strategies and systems when it comes to building an online business.

The affiliate system is free for anyone to join and start promoting Builderall

Builderall Affiliate Program F.A.Q.

Question. To become an Affiliate and receive my commissions, do I need to purchase or subscribe to the Builderall platform as a user?

A. In order to promote Builderall as an affiliate there is a one of affiliate fee of $50 per year. This payment is applied to stop people signing up who are not prepared to promote the service.

However, to receive the initial and recurring commissions from your direct sales and the recurring commissions from the sales of the Affiliates on your first level, you need to qualify with 140 points per month

Question. How can I earn points?

A. There are many ways for you to earn points selling Builderall. Here are some examples:

You can earn 210 points from 1 self purchase of the $69.90 plan or

You can earn 140 points from just 2 direct sales of and/or active customers on the $69.90 plan.

You can earn 150 points from 5 direct sales of and/or active customers on the $29.90 plan.

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New Builderall Products Coming Soon.

In the coming weeks there will be updates to many of the existing apps and services.

In addition there are going to be some new apps to play with.

  1. Magento eCommerce System -> Ecommerce at it’s best
  2. New webinar apps -> Stream live or recorded with integrated email and Facebook comments
  3. New CRM app -> Track and manage sales and customers
  4. New Digital Magazine Builder -> Build your subscriber list with subscriptions to your  online magazine.
  5. The Amazing Canvas Funnel Builder -> Build funnels in minutes, not hours or days!
  6. The Directory Site Builder -> Create a niche business directory in a few minutes.
  7. The Super Checkout – > Offer products for sale
  8. Affiliate Module -> Sign up affiliates to sell your products

These will introduced from July 4th 2019

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  1. WOW… If this isn’t the finest examples of a fair pro’s and con’s of using the builderall platform…. I don’t know what is.

    This has really helped me make my mind up about builderall, after wading through tons of the fake, bias blogs and vlogs on youtube. Thank you so much for putting this together, its really helped me

    1. Thanks for your comment Marouane.

      So often affiliates start out and don’t have their own products. Utilizing PLR products as lead-magnets or as bonus add ons is a great way to build the all-important email list.

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    1. Hey Shawn,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, they do.

      Besides the hundreds of tutorial videos they have, they also have an accreditation scheme to create regional ambassadors of the platform.

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