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Builderall Affiliate Program Review – New For 2019

We all know Builderall is a fantastic platform to use for small businesses, marketers and agencies.

But what about affiliates?

Can you make money with the Builderall Affiliate Program?

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Affiliates Program

If you’re in the world of online marketing then you’ll most likely be interested in affiliate marketing as a way of generating some extra income. Or you maybe a full time affiliate marketer looking for a new product to promote.

In either case I always encourage people to promote evergreen products, subscription products, programs, courses or software. 

By evergreen I mean items that will always be in demand.

One such product or service is website hosting and it’s this, that’s at the core of the Builderall platform.

In addition to looking for evergreen and subscription based products what you also need is a fantastic product which delivers what it promises. 

It’s pointless signing someone up to a crappy product which doesn’t deliver it’s promises. The subscriber won’t hang around for long. If you’re lucky they’ll last a couple of months.

With hosting the average customer retention is around 9 months. So with Builderall you could be earning a monthly commission for 9 months or more for each customer you refer.

Become An Affiliate & A Free 7 Day Trial To Builderall

For me Builderall is the ideal product to promote as an affiliate and here’s why:

  • It’s An Evergreen Product
  • It’s In Huge Demand
  • Get Paid Monthly Commissions
  • Has Long retention Rates
  • It Delivers What It Promises

How Does The Builderall Affiliate Program Work?

As with most affiliate programs, the basis is, that you get paid a commission for each customer who signs up for a paid product that you’re offering.

Which is great but this program goes a step further than the average affiliate program.

The Builderall Program is what’s called a leveraged system.

The leveraged system is when someone you referred also refers someone too. In this case you would earn a commission from your referred customers, customer!  This leveraged affiliate system has 4 levels of payment.

You’d earn the most out of this system by referring web designers, marketing agencies and other business that have clients requiring any of the builderall products.

It works in a similar way to MLM but it’s NOT for a number or reasons. 

  1. There’s a definite limit of 4 tiers (MLM is unlimited)
  2. You are offering a genuine product people need and use (MLM relies on recruiting new sellers)
  3. Make commissions selling the products without recruitment.   

It’s a uni-level system and their are just 4 simple levels. There’s no complex matrix down line, it’s just 4 straight levels.

So you have the potential to earn down through 4 levels.

The levels are as follows:

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Level One
  3. Level Two
  4. Level Three
Builderall Affiliate Program Levels

Affiliate Program Levels

Level One – Direct Sales is all the sales that you as an affiliate make. All the sales you make will be listed here.

The levels one, two and three are where the sales of your referred customers are listed.

How Much Commission Do You Get Paid?

With the builderall affiliate program your commissions are based on a points system. You will earn points for every customer you refer who then signs up to one of the paid accounts.

You will get different point amounts for varying purchases as shown below.

  • Personal Purchases = 3 Points for each dollar spent
  • Referred Customer Purchases = 1 Point for each dollar spent

You do not earn commissions on personal sales, but you are rewarded with 3 points for every dollar spent monthly. And 1 point for every dollar spent by your referred customers.

The amounts earned from each referred customer will be a fixed dollar amount and not a percentage amount. (as of June 19 – 2019 this amount has not been finalised)

The first month commission from direct sales will be 100%.

This means that if someone signs up for the new $69.90 plan, you will earn $69.90 plus 69.9 points, if they sign up to the $29.90 plan you will get $29.90 plus 29.9 points.

Become An Affiliate & A Free 7 Day Trial To Builderall

What About The Recurring Commissions?

This is where your points kick in.

You will have to earn 140 points to qualify for recurring commissions.

If you do not earn more than 140 points in a month then you will not be paid the recurring commission the following month. If you do earn more than 140 points then you will automatically earn the extra recurring commissions.

So to maximise your commission payouts, it’s in your best interests to keep referring customers and making sales.

You can if you want to, purchase a Builderall account for your own use. This is useful to help you promote the Builderall platform by actually taking advantage of all the tools available. By buying your own account you will get 3 points for every dollar spent.

If you are currently in the $49.90 plan this will guarantee you the 140 points needed to qualify for recurring income. Therefore earning more per customer over time.

I must stress that you DO NOT need to make a purchase of Builderall to be an affiliate. You can be an affiliate for free and still get all the commissions and points mentioned above. But if you buy your own account you will be rewarded with the bonus 3 points for every dollar you spend. 

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and don’t have much traffic or small advertising budgets then in my mind it will be beneficial to buy an account for yourself. Then use the sales funnels, email marketing and all the other tools to help you generate more traffic, referrals and ultimately sales.

If you already have good source of traffic or leads and can generate enough direct sales each month to earn 140 points then there’s no need for you to buy your own account. Unless you want to use the platform as mentioned earlier.

For each sale that you or anyone in your lower levels make, you will earn a dollar amount commission (as of June 19 – 2019 this amount has not been finalised)

Affiliates Customer Retention Bonus

As with all business customer retention is important.

Sometimes customers can get frustrated and quit the service due to things that could be easily resolved. With Builderall Affiliate Program you’re encouraged to help your referred customers if you can.

This could be words or encouragement, or directing them to the correct support department. These simple tasks can enable referred customer to stay with Builderall longer to achieve their goals with the platform.

Starting from the second month, then 3 months after, you will be paid a customer retention bonus. Then for every 3 months your referred customer stays with builderall, you will get another customer retention bonus. And this will continue every three months unless your customer leaves the platform.

This is great for those of you that are building teams. Keeping your customers happy pays more!

Become An Affiliate & A Free 7 Day Trial To Builderall

The Car Bonus Payments

This is one of favorite bonuses of the top Builderall affiliates.

They love it.

Builderall Affiliates Car Bonus Payment

Builderall Affiliates Car Bonus Payment

If you earn 690 points you’ll get an extra bonus.  You will continue to get this bonus for every 690 points you earn. That is equivalent to just 10 sales of the $69.90 Builderall Plan. (The exact plan fees for Builderall 3.0 won’t be available until July 1st 2019)

And there is NO limit. Previously once you’d been paid $1000 in bonuses the bonus would stop. $1000 used to be the bonus cap.

Now there is NO cap.

So long as you keep generating sales you’ll get a bonus for every 690 points.

The Builderall Compound Effect

The Builderall Affiliate Program works in such a way to reward hard working affiliates with compound bonuses.

This means all commissions and bonuses are paid on top of one another.

You Will Get The Following Payments If You Qualify With Enough Points

  1. 100% Commission From Direct Sales (no points needed)
  2. + Monthly recurring Commission (140 points required)
  3. + Customer Retention Bonuses (every 3 months)
  4. + Car Bonuses (690 points required)

What’s Coming Next?

This review is based on information leaked from videos, tutorials and Builderall weekly meetings.

The details surrounding the exact affiliate commission amounts will be announced between the 1st – 4th July 2019.

As soon as I have that information I’ll add it all here in this post.

Become An Affiliate & A Free 7 Day Trial To Builderall

A Passive Income For The Future.

If you’re doing any kind of marketing online then you’re going to need email marketing, web hosting, website builders, funnel builders, blogs, checkout pages, membership areas and so much more.

As a builderall affiliate you can use all these tools to help you promote builderall and generate a passive income for years into the future.

I thoroughly recommend you get a Builderall account BEFORE the July 4th price increase, that will guarantee your 140 points to get the recurring month income.

If you have any questions drop it in the comments below!


9.5 Total Score

The Builderall Affiliate Program has it all and is difficult to fault. I'd have to say this is the best affiliate program for monthly recurring income.
Become An Affiliate & A Free 7 Day Trial To Builderall

  • 100% Commission On Direct Sales
  • Recurring Monthly Commissions
  • Customer Retention Bonus Every 3 Months
  • Car Bonus For Every 690 Points
  • As of June 2019, we are awaiting new affiliate funnels
  • 30 Days Payout when you first sign up but reduces to 5 days after a probation period.
  • It's hard to think of any more cons, it's virtually the perfect program.
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