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Builderall 3.0 Review + FREE Bonuses

Builderall 3.0 Review

Updated: 06/08/2019 + Builderall Bonuses

How Is It Different From The Original Builderall Platform?

Builderall 3.0 Has Arrived!

Builderall 3.0 Logo

Builderall 3.0 Logo

Builderall the business hosting and marketing platform has recently undergone a dramatic overall. Over the past 6 months there’s been many changes to the suite of applications it provides.

If you don’t know what builderall is, see my review of Builderall from earlier this year (2019)

Throughout 2018 and into 2019 the Builderall user base grew at an incredible rate. 

If you’ve seen the growth of Builderall groups on Facebook or Builderall Videos on YouTube then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s been nothing short of phenomenal.

And it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Builderall Creator & CEO Erick Salgado

Builderall Creator & CEO Erick Salgado

It appears the CEO Erick Salgado has huge ambitions for the company based in Orlando.

He’s working hard to build the company into a world leading hosting and marketing platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs. To do this, he’s had to admit that everything in Builderall is not yet perfect! 

With this in mind, Erick set about upgrading the platform, with improvements across the board. From the performance on the servers to the tools and apps. And not just improved servers but many more servers too.

Most if not all of the apps have been rebuilt or had the code optimised. Plus several brilliant new additions which we’ll talk about later.

The launch of Builderall 3.0 was on 4th July from the Builderall Mansion which was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

Are You A Member Of Builderall 3.o Family?

If you haven’t yet signed up for Builderall, either as a small business to host your website (and email autoresponder) or as a web-design / marketing agency, then I suggest you do that now. So far internet and affiliate marketers along with digital agencies have take the platform to heart, they love it. 

But, don’t feel left out, this platform is suitable for 99% of businesses online. It doesn’t matter what your service or product is, Builderall is built for you!

They have a 7 Day Free Trial available, but first read on to learn more about it and the AMAZING 33 FREE BUILDERALL BONUSES I’m giving away.

Click To Start Your 7 Day Trial – No Payment Required.

Builderall 3.0 Has Now Officially Been Launched!

Up until last month June 2019, Builderall 3.0 had only been available to beta testers. The top Builderall business members and Builderall Ambassadors were selected as beta testers whilst the new platform was under development. All the feedback from these experts has been funnelled back into the development of the platform.

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s clear to me that Erick Salgado and his team in Orlando have been listening.

The new platform is simply amazing and is now open to the public for any business or entrepreneurs to start creating something special.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to jump in. You can sign up here although you may want to read on and get all the info first.

So let’s continue with the Builderall 3.0 Review

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    • What Is Builderall 3.0?

Builderall 3.0 is a  web hosting and digital marketing company for businesses and entrepreneurs.

It’s a SAAS (software as a service) platform meaning there’s nothing to download or install. Simply register for an account and login to access everything you need to build and market your online presence.

They’ve just completed a major upgrade of their platform to a new specification. They’re calling the new platform; Builderall 3.0. It comes with a suite of business tools and marketing apps pre-installed, plus some exciting new additions that we’ll talk about later.

All the existing apps have been updated to improve the overall performance and usability. This has been achieved through the use of new and improved hardware including a greater number of servers with faster processing speeds. Also the app software has had performance upgrades too.

The difference in Builderall 3.0 is also visible with a brand new customizable account dashboard and layout.

The new design helps the user navigate the many tools and apps much quicker than previously. This is done by allowing the user to show only the tools they are currently using.

With a total of 33 apps it makes total sense to only display the apps you use the most often.

This alone is a huge productivity boost. 

What’s The Purpose Of Builderall 3.0

Erick Salgado is one of those rare entrepreneurs who is driven by a vision and desire to help others. Yes, he wants to succeed like most business owners. However Erick is truly a people person who loves to help others better themselves.

His vision for Builderall is to create a platform whereby anyone in any family can start with virtually nothing and build a complete online presence. All within one platform.

Before Builderall came along, anyone running an online business would need a number of different services. There would be hosting, web design, blogging, eCommerce, email services and so on. It was tedious, time consuming and quite often complicated task to get all these working in harmony.

Builderall 3.0 has solved the issue of having to bolt together a patchwork of services.

Now everything is delivered in one fast suite of apps, all designed to work with one another out of the box. And, Erick continues to listen to his users and improve the service month on month, year on year.

It truly is the platform of the future in my opinion. 

If anyone is thinking of starting a business online then Builderall is going to be the first port of call. There’s so much it can do, the list is almost endless, that’s the reason I’ve dedicated this whole website to talk about Builderall and how to build a business with it.

Builderall 3.0 Review – The Apps . 

    • Website Builders: All updated and improved

      Builderall 3.0 Website Builders

      Builderall 3.0 Pixel Perfect & Responsive Website Builders

      Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect
      Drag and Drop Responsive
      Mobile First Drag and Drop

  • Builderall Mobile App Creator:

    This is where you can create your own Android or iOS app and then submit them to the Google Play store or Apple App store. From there your customers can download your app and install it on their mobile devices. 

    Builderall 3.0 Mobile App Builder

    Builderall 3.0 Mobile Android and iOS App Builder

    You can design your app from scratch or from predefined templates designed for your industry. Such as Real Estate, Health & Beauty, Events, Music, Fashion, Sports and lot’s more.

  • MailingBoss Email Autoresponder.

    You can use this to build your email list and send out regular email campaigns. You can use it for newsletter updates, sales funnels or both at the same time.
    Email marketing is crucial to the success of many online businesses.

    The phrase “The Money’s In The List” is 100% true.

    Mailingboss Workflow

    Build Email Campaigns With The Workflow Canvas

    Email marketing is only second in importance to your website and is an absolute must for any business. In fact if your not running email campaigns then you’re leaving money on the table every day of the week 52 weeks a year.

    The autoresponder Mailingboss, could easily be sold on it’s own for the price of the current Builderall Premium plan or more.

    Yet, incredibly it’s included FREE!

    What you get for free in Mailingboss would cost you anything between $69 – $99 per month with stand alone autoresponder services like:

  • Aweber = $69 per month for 5,001-10,000 SUBSCRIBERS
  • Constant Contact = $85 per month for 5,001-10,000 SUBSCRIBERS
  • Mailchimp = $99 per month for 5,001-10,000 SUBSCRIBERS
  • Builderall’s MailingBoss = FREE  FOR UP TO 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS 
    Free 7 Day Trial – Try All Apps for FREE
  • Builderall Design Apps
    Builderall 3.0 Design Studio

    Builderall 3.0 Design Studio Tools

    The Mockup Studio – An image design tool for creating marketing mockups.
    Presentation Studio – Build professional slideshow presentations with images and video.
    Photo Studio – Edit photos with this simple but effective editor, add watermarks, create memes, overlays, text and more.
    Builderall Video Studio – Animated Videos – Create animated videos – Includes animated objects and characters running, jumping, walking and more.
    HTML Floating Videos – Create videos which will float on top of your existing website content – Great for tutorials. Use it to remove video backgrounds!
    Video Tag Studio – Add interactive tags such as call to actions, URL’s pop up  messages and alike. 

    Even more applications to work with such as:

  • Browser Notifications – Send push notifications to visitors browsers.
  • On Page SEO – Get a detailed on page SEO report for any page you like.
  • Click Map – Also known as Heap Map, track visitors behaviour on your site pages.
  • Site Reviews – Add site reviews with a reply feature, similar to a comments feature but for logged in users.
  • Social Autopost – Schedule and send posts to your social media accounts. Create 30 schedules and more.
  • Facebook Chatbot – Chatbots are hot and you have full access to the Builderall Chatbot feature.
  • Share Locker – Secure content on your page and reveal access only when someone shares your content.
  • E-Learning – Create your own online courses just like Udemy.
  • Script Generator – Copy-writing script generator. Create customer avatars and build sales copy tailored to them.
  • Social Proof – Social proof pop up notifications – Like M. Smith from Wales purchased xyz product.
  • Roulette –  Spin the wheel script – Make discounts and offers fun with the roulette wheel feature.
  • Builderall Zap – Send Whatsapp messages directly to your customers – Great for delivery or appointment reminders.
  • Video Wrapper – Add a wrap around any video with text and colors to make your social video posts get noticed.
  • SMS – Send SMS messages directly to your customers.
  • Whatsapp messaging – Send Whatsapp messages direct from your website.
  • Newly Updated for Builderall 3.0 The Webinar Platform.

    Make Sales With Builderall Hosted Webinars!

    Create sales with the amazing webinar application. Create a webinar in just a few minutes with email systems, page builders, and video tools integrated into the app.

    No need for YouTube or other video streaming services.

    Builderall 3.0 Webinar Tool

    Builderall 3.0 Webinar Setup

    Builderall has everything a professional needs to create an interactive webinar with streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and more. No matter what type of business you have, the Builderall webinar platform can help you reach sales levels you could only dream about previously.

New For Builderall 3.0 2019

  • Builderall Canvas Funnel Builder

    This is one of the most eagerly awaited tools of the Builderall 3.0 platform. This will make a huge difference in many ways.

    Builderall 3.0 Canvas Funnel Builder

    Builderall 3.0 Unique One Of a Kind Canvas Funnel Builder

    The Builderall Canvas is a tool to allow you to visually design your sales funnels and website layouts.

    All done via a drag and drop interface.
    You can drag website elements such as pages, email forms, pop ups, shopping checkouts, up-sells, down-sells and more onto the canvas. 
    Once you have everything laid out just as you want, it takes just one click for the software to build all these elements into your site.

    All that’s left to do, is add your content and styles.

    I tried out the canvas Funnel builder only last week.
    It’s simply awesome. 
    Building sales funnels can be a tricky business. You have to know in advance how all the pages will link together. Like how the visitor will flow from the lead magnet to the upsell, to the downsell, to the checkout, to the thank you page, to a membership area, to a bonus pages, to a OTO page and so on.

    Some funnels can be quite complex to build one page at a time.

    By drawing everything out visually and clicking just once to create ALL the pages needed speeds up the funnel building process by at least 10x possibly more!

    What’s more, once built, you can save the canvas layout to reuse again. So if you have another product to offer you can reuse the same funnel with just one click. No need to redesign the funnel again.

    Free 7 Day Trial – Try All Apps for FREE

    No other company online has the Canvas Funnel Builder feature except Builderall 3.0, it’s the first of it’s kind anywhere worldwide! 

    And it’s included for FREE

  • Builderall Digital Magazine Creator

    Another excellent addition to the builderall tool set. With this tool you can create and host an online digital magazine of your choice. It can be used for news in your industry or simply a product brochure amongst other things. These are a great alternative to newsletters for keeping readers updated.

    Your readers will be able to view your magazine online from their desktops, tablets, and smartphones, or even download the pdf file. You can also incorporate the magazine right into your website. 


    Builderall 3.0 Magazine Creator

    Builderall 3.0 Digital Magazine Creator

    Digital Magazines are great a great way to generate leads and gain authority in any niche!

  • Builderall CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Track Your Lead’s Journey.

    With the Builderall CRM tool, you will know exactly where your leads are in your funnels. You’ll be able to follow their progress through your entire funnel, emails, videos, etc. You’ll be able to see what pages they visited, which emails they opened, which links they clicked on, which downloads they accessed. You can apply points for every action and award more points to what you consider more important actions. Then using the points system alone you can identify which new offers to present to which leads in your funnel or on your list at the optimal time.

    You can also identify your HOT leads so you can prioritise your time for them, and likewise identify the tire kickers, so you don’t waste valuable resources on them. 

    This is another extremely powerful tool, once again provided FREE inside Builderall 3.0

    You can select the perfect time to go to the next step in your marketing strategy for maximum effect.

  • Builderall 3.0 SiteBot

    With the Builderall SiteBot you can now utilise the power of messenger bot technology on your website. It’s a great tool for assisting you with sales, support or website navigation. You can present a web-page consisting of only a SiteBot. The bot will interact with the visitor asking questions in order to direct the visitor to the right department or section of your website. You can present a customised and personal experience for each visitor depending upon their needs.

What is the price of Builderall 3.0?

There Are Just 2 Service Plans Available Each With Their Own Limits

The Essential Builderall Plan

This plan is designed for basic online presence with email marketing. It comes with 3 different website builders and the Mailingboss autoresponder for email marketing campaigns. This is more suited to smaller businesses. You can still create fully functioning sales funnels and landing pages but you lack the advanced marketing features available in the Premium Plan.

Builderall 3.0 Price Plans

Builderall 3.0 Price Plans

The Essential Plan is $29.90 Per Month

The Premium Builderall Plan

This plan includes ALL the builderall apps and tools on the platform. This is designed for businesses and entrepreneurs who are running their whole business online. It’s ideal for online marketers, affiliate marketers, web developers, web designers and sales funnel builders. It’s also suited for promoting and selling digital products online.

The Premium Plan is $69.90 Per Month

Is There An Affiliate Program?

Yes, there is an affiliate plan. It’s brand new and I would say it’s more like a ready made business than an affiliate program

Erick Salgado, the CEO, employed the services of Dan Jenson a world renowned compensation plan specialist to create the affiliate plan for Builderall 3.0.

Dan and his company have worked with over 800 companies across the world creating compensation plans. 

I’ve written a full review of the Builderall Affiliate Program and you won’t believe what they’ve added! 

A Brief Affiliate Plan Overview
The affiliate plan is designed to encourage affiliates to treat it as a real business. It includes features to reward consistent effort and loyalty.

First off, it’s classed as a uni-level system by which you are awarded points for the sales you make. The more points you rack up the more rewards you’re entitled to.
If you get over 140 points in a month then you are entitled to recurring commissions each month. Then if your referred customers stay with builderall for 3 Months you’ll get a loyalty bonus. Then there’s what they call the car bonus.

The affiliate plan is very comprehensive so please read my full Builderall Affiliate Review for all the details

How much will the affiliate program payout be?

The payout will depend on a points system. In order to qualify for commission you must earn 140 points in the month. 
You earn points by selling the Builderall service.

You’ll get the 3 points for every $1 spent.

This is the points awarded for each Builderall Hosting Plan
Sell 1 Essential Plan @$29.90- you will get 89.7 points.
Sell 1  Premium Plan @49.90 – you will get 149.7 points.

Simply sell enough services to total 140 points each month and you will earn 100% commission on the first month and a flat rate $20 recurring monthly plus further bonuses

How Many Levels Does The Affiliate Program Have?

There will be Level 1 Direct sales at 100% commission on the first month and a flat rate $20 recurring monthly plus further bonuses

As mentioned earlier the compensation plan is unique and comprehensive to to learn more read my affiliate program review

Is Builderall 3.0 an MLM Multi-Level Marketing Company?

NO It’s Not, Absolutely Not


Free 7 Day Trial – Try All Apps for FREE


Builderall Bonuses

Do you Offer Any Bonuses?

Absolutely, read on to learn more about them.

Builderall is an amazing platform and unique opportunity for anyone looking to run a business online. It can be used for anyone to setup their own digital web agency. Using the tools provided to offer services to other businesses.

Here are just a few services you can offer as a builderall user to make some money.

  • Create & Sell Messenger Chatbots
  • Create & Sell Site Bots for Websites
  • Build websites for your clients
  • Build sales funnels for your clients
  • Build a sales funnel to sell your own digital products
  • Build an e-commerce store and start dropshipping
  • Create and sell promotional video wraps

All this an more is possible through Builderall starting from $29.90 or for the total package $69.90

These are the AMAZING FREE BONUSES you’ll get when you sign up with me today!

All these bonuses are yours to keep.

You can use them personally and learn from the valuable information included. You can use them individually as lead magnets in your sales funnels. Or, you can offer them as bonuses in your own sales funnels.

I’m not going to tell you these bonuses are worth $30,000, $20,000 or even $10,000 like the gurus will  tell you.

The value of these bonuses is in what you do with the information provided. The value is in what you’ll learn. The value, is in the money you can make using these products in your own funnels. The value is in the subscribers to your list that you’ll gain. 

The value, is in taking action today and using Builderall 3.0 in combination with the opportunity you have in front of you

Take action and start building a real business, sign up today.

This bonus will only get better. I’m in the process of building out all these products as lead pages to share with you. So not only will you be able to download these free bonuses.

You’ll also have access to the lead capture pages so you can import them directly into your own account ready to connect your list to. 

Click the links below to learn about each FREE Bonus you’ll get

  1. 5 Ways To Build Your Authority On YouTube!
  2. 7 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes
  3. 30 Days Content Marketing Plan
  4. Affiliate Marketing Crash Course
  5. Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit
  6. Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit Upgrade Package
  7. Clickbank Marketing Secrets
  8. Clickbank Marketing Secrets Upgrade
  9. Clickbank Membership Sites
  10. Content Marketing Blueprint
  11. Digital Marketing for Small Business
  12. Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads
  13. Facebook Ads Upgrade Package
  14. Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed
  15. Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed Upgrade
  16. IM – Affiliate Marketing Checklist
  17. Facebook Re-Targeting Secrets
  18. Instagram Ads Templates
  19. Instagram Marketing Secrets
  20. Instagram Marketing Secrets Upgrade
  21. Instagram Stories For Business
  22. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
  23. One Million YouTube Subscribers
  24. Profitable Turnkey Website Ideas
  25. The Super Affiliate Marketing Edge
  26. The Digital Marketing Lifestyle
  27. Traffic Explosions
  28. Traffic Secrets Unleashed
  29. YouTube Ads Success Lab
  30. YouTube Authority
  31. YouTube Authority Upgrade
  32. YouTube Case Studies
  33. The Secret Bonus!


Builderall 3.0 Review July 2019

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